CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Chattanooga Police detectives say the a man seen walking into the Brainerd Road Wal-Mart Saturday evening, could be who they need to crack their latest homicide case.

The victim, Aaron Burton, also known as Aaron Trimmell, was killed April 9th. Police say some went in through the front door of his home and shot Burton several times.

Why? detectives don't know.

"This could be the spark we need to end this case and bring it to a resolution and arrest," Chattanooga Police Investigator Adam Emery said.

Police say the man, wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, was seen with Burton hours before he was killed.

He may be driving a gold or beige-colored SUV.

Burton, who was a known gang member, has a crime history dating back to the 90's.

Police combed the scene on Windsor Street searching for clues. One missing piece of the puzzle, may be found.

"He may have info on this case and we need to speak with him at this time," says Officer Emery.

And that's where the public's help comes into play.

Officer Emery said any information on about this man or the vehicle, can possibly lead them in the right direction.

He's asking for the help, not just for the sake of catching a killer, but also, to help a family in mourning.

Emery said, "It could be what we need to bring this to a close and closure and peace to the family."

The man was last seen at the Brainerd Road Walmart and at this time is just a person police hope to question

If you have any information call Crime Stoppers. 698-3333