ROSSVILLE, WALKER COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- The display of boats along Hogan Road in Rossville is now deemed an eyesore by Walker County.

The owner Ed Broome says he's being dong work to keep them afloat, but after several complaints, the county says Broome has two options: get them all insured and properly tagged, or get rid of them.

"Anything they didn't find that was up to code they were going to take the property or sell it," says Broome.

A state judge said Broome's property falls under the county public nuisance ordinance for abandoned vehicles.

Because he performed repair work on the boats, he is only allowed to have two "junk vehicles" on the property. Anything else has to be registered and insured with the county.

"We have spend thousands of county dollars, time and man hours to deal with someone who has drug this out for so long," says David Ashburn with Walker County.

Broome said he's spent thousands for insurance policies he can't afford, especially being on a fixed income.

Now he hopes he can get by on what little he has.

He said he's been driving boats on the water for 15 years, but the last five have been quite turbulent.

"It's taken a serious toll on my wife's health. She is just sick from all the years of harassment," says Broome.

Broome said the boats are operational and at one time had more than a dozen on the property.

"It was even worse because some of those were close to the road itself," says Ashburn.

Broome said though most of the issues are resolved, he still has some ill-will.

"How would you feel if your car was sitting in your yard temporarily and someone told you they were going to take it. I don't like," says Broome.

One of the boats doesn't belong to Broome.

The county says that one must be moved within 15 days and demolished or sold unless the owner comes and gets it.

If Broome falls out of compliance, he could face fines, or jail time.

Right now, the county tells us he's in the clear.

The purpose of the public nuisance law, is to prevent eyesores and unhealthy conditions.

All it takes is one valid complaint for the law to go into effect and generally the accused get 30 days to fix the situation.