HIXSON (WRCB) --  After Kelle Chapin's testimony, Sergeant Chapin's pastor of 22 years sat down with channel 3.

Dr. Ron Phillips has a message for the community concerning Chapin's accused killer, Jessie Mathews.  Phillips is encouraging people to forgive, saying while 25-year-old Mathews will have to face consequences, forgiveness is what Tim Chapin lived by. 

Eight days after the shooting that took the life of Chattanooga Police Sgt. Tim Chapin, a powerful and emotional service at his church home, Abba's House in Hixson, TN. 

It began when Senior Pastor Dr. Phillips welcomed his widow, Kelle Chapin, to the stage during morning worship.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart," Kelle Chapin says, reffering to Thursday's funeral services.  "Everything was just perfect.  It was just the way, well...Tim would have been embarrased by a lot of stuff.  He really would have, but he also would have been honored." 

Phillips who performed Chapin's Funeral says the show of community support along the procession route was moving to him and especially Kelle.

"As the people marched, and the people standing on the sidewalk many of whom she didn't know," Phillips says.  They were there with signs, I mean what a wonderful place to live." 

Friday Federal officials announced charges against Chapin's accused killer, Jesse Mathews, and his family members: Kathleen, Ray and Rachel Mathews.  Dr. Phillips says it's the court systems job to serve justice.

"Whether that's life in prison or the death penalty he's got to face the consequences for what he's done," Phillips says. 

Still the pastor believes forgiveness is what Chapin would have wanted.

"If Tim had survived he'd go to the jail and win that young man to Christ," he says.  "That's exactly what he'd do."