CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A heavy police escort surrounded the white unmarked van carrying accused cop-killer Jesse Mathews Friday.

He was released from the hospital around 11:30 am and taken to the Hamilton County Jail where his vehicle was surrounded by police officers.

A sigh of relief according to the Benevolent Police Association.

Sgt. Craig Joel said, ""Knowing the he is off the streets with what he is capable of and what he did and knowing what type of hideous life this guy lived, I won't say it brings closure to this, but this ends the worst chapter."

An FBI investigation reveals what started this horror story.

On February 12th, federal investigators say Mathews robbed a pawn store in Colorado Springs, CO.

After getting money and guns, Mathews wired money to his sister, Rachel Mathews, who helped him evade custody until could get a bus ride to Asheville, NC to meet his family.

Sgt Joel said, "It is not unknown to law enforcement that this happens, that these type of blood ties exist, but to this extreme, it is shocking to the conscious."

Investigators say around March 6th, witnesses saw Mathews and his parents moving into a Chattanooga hotel and 10 days later, he helped move his parents into the home where they were arrested Thursday night.

The FBI says around March 27th, Matthews and his girlfriend traded weapons he stole from Colorado at a gun show at the National Guard Armory.

It wasn't until this deadly shootout on April second were police able to catch Mathews, but in the process lost one of their own.

The affidavit states Mathews was supposed to get a fake ID in New York on March 28th, and head to Canada.

But that never happened, and we don't know why.

We do know the next day, he was back in Chattanooga, four days before Sgt Chapin's murder.

Mathews will appear before Judge Bob Moon on April 13th.