CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- As the days lead up to the funeral of Sgt. Tim Chapin, many in the community are mourning, remembering, and using this time to say thank you to all public servants.

"Anybody in the public service needs our prayers and thoughts everyday," says Steven Powell, Chattanooga business owner.

Powell says he'd never even met Chattanooga Police Sgt. Tim Chapin but his death hits a little close to home.

"We have a few people in the family who are public servants," says Powell.

So the Powells didn't waste time getting these words up on the marquis at their lamp shop on Hixson Pike.

"We wanna honor, we wanna show that we appreciate him as a public servant," says Powell.

The sign is about a block from Abba's House, where the body of Sgt. Chapin has been moved for visitation and the funeral. The flag draped coffin was carried into the church by officers late Tuesday afternoon.

"You know dad's not coming home, it's gotta be hard...gotta be hard," says Powell.

Powell says his heart goes out to the entire family of Sgt. Chapin. Powell says his sign will be something of a reminder, maybe a challenge for the community.

"I hope we can hold the family up in prayer, let them know...that Hamilton County and its residents are behind the family," says Powell.

Sergeant Chapin will be laid to rest Thursday afternoon. Visitation is planned for Wednesday at Abba's House from noon until 3 and again from 5 until 8. The funeral service will be held Thursday at one.

Following the service, Sergeant Chapin's body will be taken by horse drawn carriage to the cemetery.