CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Residents on Ely Road were without power after wires and trees topple on homes, around 6pm Monday. 

"Oh it's crazy. It needs to go back where it came from. We don't want no more of this," says Randy Goforth.

Destructive winds and lightening caused headaches for resident on Ely Road.

A blown transformer had power crews and firefighters in the pouring rain working to put out the flames.

Nick Durham saw everything unfold.

"I got abut halfway down the driveway and saw a big blue flash and lightening hit the tree and it feel on the house and the transformer exploded," says Durham.

The storm left a tree split in half and top of this residents home, the people inside are safe but were startled by the impact.

The bright light from flares served as the only light source as power crews worked to pull the downed lines off the road, and remove the transformer.

Goforth says he heard everything take place.

"It sounded like a lightening strike, just a loud boom. I seen that purple flare going off down there," says Goforth.

Police blocked off traffic as several residents had to watch from the front porch.

The storm continued to bring down periods of heavy rain as fire fighters went to work.

Durham says he immediately became concerned when he saw the tree fall.

"It was just a big boom and a huge blue flash and two booms. The tree hit the house and the transformer blew up," says Durham.

EPB officials say they are working to restore power to the area throughout the night.