You probably don't give it much thought when it happens, but why do we cough?  It can be caused due to various reasons.
 Lung doctor Mike Czarnecki was our guest.
He says coughing is basically the body's reflex action to clear foreign substances such as dust from your lungs and windpipe.
  He gave the following tips for how to stop your cough..
-Reduce your intake of dairy foods
-Drink plenty of water (warm if you prefer) and ensure your bowel is working daily, to flush toxins out of the system
-Don't stay in stuffy rooms or expose yourself to cigarette smoke
-Enjoy the fresh air but wrap up warmly and don't expose your throat to cold winds
-Take herbal remedies such as a complex of Ivy and Thyme to improve the way the respiratory tract deals with mucus, making coughs less troublesome
-Use soothing herbal syrups to ease irritation in the throat