(WRCB) - You probably remember Winston, the dog that chewed the bumper off a Chattanooga police cruiser.

The story gained national and international attention.

Soon, Winston will be in the spotlight again.

It was a year ago the dog became a household name.

Winston sadly died a few months ago, but Tuesday we learned he will once again be on the big screen.

It's video you can't forget, as Winston was caught on tape ripping the bumper from a police cruiser.

A year later we still don't know why Winston attacked that police car, but the Discovery Channel is hoping to figure it out.

Once again the story of Winston "The Cop Car Chewing Dog" will be featured on national television.

"The way the story ended, he got to go home, that was a really nice ending, so I think people were captivated by the story," says McKamey Director Karen Walsh.

The story grabbed the attention of Discovery Channel Producer Nate Calloway.

"We thought this story was interesting because there was a lot of humor in it and no one got hurt," says Calloway.

Tuesday, Calloway and his team interviewed the McKamey officer who took Winston into custody.

It's all part of a series that will air on the Discovery Channel. The science-based show aims to learn more about animal behavior.

"Nobody knows really why he latched onto the bumper in the first place," says Walsh.

That's the mystery the team hopes to crack.

Sadly, Winston died of heart complications in October, but there is plenty of video to study.

"The goal is to try and figure out why Winston did what he did," says Calloway.

The shoot lasts two days.

Wednesday, the crew will interview the officer who was inside the patrol car when Winston launched his attack.

The show is slated to air at the end of May; the Discovery Channel is still working on a title.