By Amy Morrow
Eyewitness News Anchor/ Reporter

OOLTEWAH, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) -- The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department is investigating what they're calling a suspicious death.

They're treating it as a homicide, unless they determine otherwise.

Neighbors say they weren't shocked to hear about trouble at the Gibson home.

"Any indication on how long he'd been dead?" asks neighbor James Plott.

Eyewitness News broke the news to the Plott family. They hadn't noticed the long line of Sheriff's deputies and investigators at the corner of Snow Hill Road and Bell Mill Road.

They hadn't noticed the crime scene tape for that matter.

"I don't pry into other people's business. I haven't seen them in a while, I didn't know if they still lived there or not," says Plott.

Hamilton County Investigators say 53-year-old David Gibson was found dead inside his home at 6427 Snow Hill Road.

"It's suspicious, I believe, because of the injuries he sustained," says Hamilton County Sheriff Office Spokesperson Janice Atkinson.

Investigators are only scratching the surface with information, sharing little about the case.

Seven hours after the discovery they were still inside the home, possibly collecting evidence.

We're told Gibson lives in the home with his elderly mother, but investigators won't say if she was home at the time.

The Sheriff's Office will say, however, they have spoken with a potential witness.

Eyewitness News asked if the news of Gibson's death was surprising.

"They were strange people," says Plott. "It seemed like they couldn't get along with themselves."

"It's always been volatile up there there's always something going on," says Plott's wife, Shirley. "The family had a history of violence."

Eyewitness News did determine that the Gibson was no stranger to sheriff's deputies. But why?

"I just know he's no stranger to them. They've answered calls he's been involved in before," says Atkinson.

Investigators wouldn't be specific about Gibson's injuries or what trouble he'd had with law enforcement in the past.

This investigation is on-going.



CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – Sheriff's Deputies are investigating a suspicious death in Ooltewah.

The Sheriff's Office tells Eyewitness News they are treating the death as homicide because of injuries the victim received prior to his death.

Investigator arrived shortly after noon at the home at 6437 Snow Hill Road, where of 53-year-old David Gibson was found dead. Deputies say Gibson is the homeowner.

Crime scene analysts are inside the home at this time taking photos.

Details as they become available on