Story by Gordon Boyd
Eyewitness News Reporter

DADE COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- Barely twelve hours after learning that her husband and one of his friends were on the run, wanted for murder--Brittany Ellison can't understand why he would leave their baby boy and girl by themselves, with the body of the man he's accused of killing.

"I wish I could talk to him and get some of the answers I want," she says.

 "But life doesn't happen like that."

She may get that chance.  Less than an hour after she spoke with Eyewitness News, Whitfield County detectives arrested her husband Jonathan, 19, and his friend, James Franklin Oglesby, 27, after getting a tip that both men were holed up in a home just outside Dalton.

"There was no incident," Dade County Sheriff Patrick Cannon says. They went peacefully."

The capture comes after what Sheriff Cannon describes as the largest manhunt most Dade Countians could ever remember, involving law enforcement agencies from Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.

The sheriff hasn't released the name of the man killed, pending notification of family. He will say the victim was one of Ellison's former coworkers.

"(The motive) is not being revealed at this time," Cannon says. "It's part of the investigation."

Brittany Ellison says she considered the victim one of her husband's friends, though she'd never met him.

"If it was a stranger, I could understand something happening," she says.

"But he knows this man. "He wasn't trying to break in on him."

Ellison says her husband phoned her twice before his capture; vowing he would come for her and their babies--but never telling her where he was.
"Every time I asked him why he left the kids or what happened, he acted like I  didn't say anything," she says.

"Just 'I messed up', we messed up."

She returns to the family home, where it happened, only long enough to gather her children's toys and some mementos. She vows not to return, after finding out that the man she loved, is not the man she thought she knew.

"He'd just leave for days, never tell me why, just said he 'needed to get away'", she says.

Jonathan Ellison was laid off two months ago. She'd been wondering where he was getting the money to support his family. She'd been getting no answers.

Her mother, Jacqueline Sims, is more blunt.

"How do you tell their children that their Daddy killed somebody," she asks.

"I'm gonna have to live the rest of my life with, how the person I fell in love with, killed somebody. and I don't even know how he's gonna live with hisself.>