By WRCB Staff

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A 17-yr-old male showed up at a local hospital with a gunshot to the foot just after 8pm Wednesday.

He told police that he was retrieving the mail from 312 Tunnel Blvd when he was approached by two black males. One of them asked him "what's popping," and he replied that he wasn't into the gang thing.

At the same time, a dark colored sedan pulled up and began firing at him and the two guys that approached him. He said as he ran away he realized he was hit in the foot. He them went home where his father took him to the hospital.

Police returned to the location of incident but weren't able to locate evidence of a shooting. The victim is currently in stable condition from a non-life threatening injury to his foot. He is expected to be treated and released.

The two suspects that approached the victim on foot are described as a light skinned black male with dreads and a dark skinned male with a low hair cut. There was no description of the occupants in the vehicle or a description of the vehicle itself.

This case will remain under investigation.