Update 3/11

  Channel 3 has learned that Myles Stout has a past with local authorities.

  Twenty year old Stout was one of 4 McCallie students involved in a brawl at Signal Mountain High School in April 2009.

  Thirteen students total faced charges linked to the incident.

  Stout was charged with criminal trespassing and underage drinking, charges which were later dismissed.


CHATTANOGA (WRCB) -- The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office has charged a young man with the death of his friend.

19-year-old Myles Stout admitted shooting 18-year-old Jesse Myles Compton in the chest, Wednesday night.

Stout is charged with reckless homicide.

He told police he thought the gun was unloaded when he pointed at his friend and it was just horseplay.

Friends know Myles Compton for his big heart and for the hands that could built or fix anything: from a knocky-engine to bruised feelings.

They speak of a loss they're barely beginning to accept. But already, too deep to measure.

"He's always been there for me. My whole life," says Mylea Hicks.

The Myles Compton, Hicks treasures is the friend who picked her up in a snowstorm.

Her perfect date for prom.

"He offered, and he's my best friend ever, and everybody would have gone with him," says Hicks. "So everybody said you should take Myles, and I said I would."

"Reliable," her friend Ariane Araujo says. "You could trust him with your life...I couldn't stop crying, but even now, I'm still in shock."

Shock that the friend, all just knew would make it big, soon, could die. By a gun, At a friend's house

"I do know that there were several people in the home when the shooting occurred," Hamilton County Sheriff's spokeswoman Janice Atkinson says. "Why they were there, what they were doing, I don't know."

Investigators say that a friend, Myles Stout, 20, first claimed that Compton had shot himself, but admitted he'd shot him, while horse playing, at Stout's home in the Mountain Shadows subdivision of East Brainerd.

Compton's friends remembered him in a small service before classes at East Hamilton High School Thursday morning.

Administrators also brought in grief counselors.

An aunt says Compton was so set on getting out on his own that he completed his credits to graduate back in October.

But he planned to march with his friends this spring.

Araujo will remember the varsity cheerleader. there for his teams, and to champion dreams.

"He was such an amazing person," says Araujo. "He was 'that guy' that everyone loved, that cheered everyone up and put a smile on your face."

Gabe Bowen sees the standup guy, loyal and truthful, almost to a fault.

He's hopeful his loss will be a life-lesson.

"Don't be playing with guns," Bowen says. "Respect 'em, you know."

Hicks says she can't begin to imagine facing some parts of life, without being able to share them with him.

"Hopefully, it'll be the shock that makes people realize things," Hicks says. "Realize the value of people."