MURRAY COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- Neighbors and relatives say they're sick over the discovery of a dead man and his 3 year old son, in Murray County.

Some say all signs point to suicide, that the father killed himself and his toddler, but Investigators say it's too early to confirm.

"I wouldn't ever thought anything like that would happen," says neighbor Raymond Prenzlow.

The unimaginable happened in this Murray County community Tuesday.

Sheriff Howard Ensley discovered the bodies of 39 year old Wayne Graham and his 3 year old son Easton.

Graham's mother called deputies when he didn't drop off the toddler on his way to work. Word traveled quickly.

"They said there's a lotta police up there, he told me what happened that they'd stuck a tube in a tail pipe and the boy died from carbon monoxide poisoning," says neighbor Bruce Sandford.

Investigators say carbon monoxide poisoning is a possibility but will not confirm. Other than Graham was sitting in the driver's seat, the boy was curled up in the passenger floorboard. There were no signs of trauma.

"And he's gone, a beautiful little kid, I saw out there the other day, he's precious,"  says neighbor Judy Prenzlow.

"It's a very traumatic on everyone involved in a situation like this," says Murray County Sheriff Howard Ensley.

A light was still on inside Graham's home. His car still parked where investigators found it, on the way to work. Judy Prenzlow found it odd.

"I thought we'll he's never parked that way before, but I never dreamed it'd be anything like this," says Judy Prenzlow.

Investigators say graham had recently separated from his wife. Neighbors say they had seen her moving belongings.

"They seemed like a good couple played with kids all the time, I didn't expect this," says Prenzlow.

Now neighbors and relatives are struggling with one question. If Graham did cause his son's death and his own,as they believe, "why?"

"It's gonna be strange living here, knowing the kid got killed up there, that's what it was murder," says Sanford.

"If he wanted to do it to himself, but an innocent kid, that's bad," says Raymond Prenzlow.

"It was sad anyway but when I found out I actually cried, that's pitiful," says Judy Prenzlow.

The bodies were transported to the GBI Crime Lab for autopsies.

Relatives say that Graham was a good father and this is totally uncharacteristic of him.