CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - When you meet Reese Martin he seems like most little boys.

"I like trains, yeah trains are my favorite in the world."

Playing with his toys, talking about pizza, and full of energy.

But Reese is sick.

"He knows. He calls it a boo-boo in his stomach and he knows that boo-boo is cancer," explains Reese's mother, Regennia Martin.

In November, Reese was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma.

"Yeah, it was at 9:25," says Reginnia. "The clock in the room froze."

"It was kind of like your whole world was melting," says Barry Martin, Reese's father.

That's when the martins went to Saint Jude.

"We were transported by ambulance because he was just too sick to travel in our vehicle," says Regennia.

"It was a long ride via ambulance and when we got there it was just such a relief to be there," adds Barry.

"He talked about Heaven a lot in that first week and that was hard," Regennia says. "And trying to tell him that ‘you're not going there, I've already spoken to God and you're not allowed to go yet.'"

After a month at Saint Jude, Reese started to get better.

"We love them, Reese is doing fabulous healing because of them," says Regennia.

"We're so grateful to be there and him getting such excellent care," Barry adds.

He stopped talking about Heaven and returned to talking about the things four year olds should be talking about.

"Being a dad, he always brings stuff to fix and this you can't fix it's really rough," says Barry. "Cause I always have that in the back of my mind. It's like, ‘Dad, fix this, ok we can take care of that.' Then something of this magnitude… As a parent you just wish you could take care of it for them."

Now Saint Jude is taking care of Reese, and thousands of children like him.

"They're a part of us," says Regennia. "They're like family now."

And they're able to do that through programs like the Dream Home.

This year's home is being built in Reese's honor, and you have a chance to win that home and help children like Reese.

"We purchased them in the past and I never would have thought we would need their expertise," adds Barry.