HALETOWN, MARION COUNTY, TN (WRCB-TV) - Floating boat dock destroyed. Amongst the boaters, officials and townies on the scene at Nickajack Lake was a popular trio of paranormal investigators who wonder if they barely escaped the elements or the curse of an ancient Cherokee Chief.

"All of a sudden we hear boom, boom, boom!" explained Zak Bagans. 

His team from Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures is used to being spooked, but on Monday, they would have gladly traded all of their ghost hunting gear for a weather radio. 

Bagans, along with Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin were in Marion County working on a feature when,  "We're about to get on this boat to go into the water to find the cave of Chief Dragging Canoe," said Groff, "and we get slammed!" 

"All of a sudden, 'boom!' and this happens," Bagans added, pointing to the crumpled metal structure behind them.

A floating dock from Hale's Bar Marina was picked up, twisted and thrown onto the road by the angry weather.  Six boats floated away, three vehicles and another boat were damaged.

Bagans explained, "We were doing interviews over there before our lockdown tonight and all of a sudden this huge storm hit...and it's weird we were just talking about the curse of the Indian Cherokee Chief Dragging Canoe."

This 18th century war chief is going to have to put on quite a show Monday night because Zak, Aaron and Nick started their day with front row seats to Mother Nature's fury.  "Good thing we weren't on that boat," Groff said while pointing to the wreckage, "because we'd be part of this right here."

Goodwin Agreed, "Like two minutes away from being a part of that!"

Reported by: Greg Glover