EAST LAKE, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - Friday's trash day at East 21st and Dodds Avenue in East Lake.

Chick Evans and Nellie Sexton wish that all their neighborhood's troubles could go out in a can.

"You see drug buys daily," Evans says.

"They stop traffic right out in the middle of the street," Sexton says

"You see guys coming here to pick up girls," Evans says.

The girls. Our Eyewitness News camera saw none who fit his description when we visited Friday.

But Evans recalls the customer of his whom one accosted, outside his lumber yard at daybreak.

"She came down the hill and got in the car with him," he says.

"He did everything in his power, scared him to death."

Evans says neither she, nor her husband, would be safe on their own porch. "The prostitutes will flash my husband, especially, to aggravate him."

Her son's so aggravated he's posted signs on the front, and side of their home, stating "all prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers or bums on this corner will have the police called on them."

If the intended audience is reading it, it's not heeding it.

Evans and some other property owners, have tried to buy the trouble away; making offers for distressed properties, either to level or remodel them. So far, they've gotten few takers.

"The only thing they can do if they see something is pick up the phone, call the police and report it," Evans says.

"You think they're gonna get out here in time," Sexton asks.

Chattanooga Police answer dozens of calls in East Lake, spokeswoman Rebecca Royval tells Eyewitness News.

"We've run stings, against the girls, the dealers, the buyers, and the johns," she says.

Evans believes the efforts have made a dent.

"We used to see 10 and 12 a day," he says. "Now you see maybe three."

Evans goes home to Soddy Daisy at night.

The Sexton's are here 24-7. Nellie would like to move away. "But I also don't want to let em know they've run us off," she says."Or over-run us."