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The home is still coming along with numerous volunteers working all around the house and the clock!

Crews are currently working to finish the trim work on the inside and are still painting. The goal is to pave the driveway and level the grade so that landscaping can begin Friday.

The site needs 15 skilled workers Thursday night by 10:00. Email and if you're eligible, you'll receive a reply.

Eyewitness News Reporter Antwan Harris caught up with rapper and Extreme Makeover Home Edition star Xzibit earlier.

The music artist is thrilled to be in our area and says each build affects him in some way.

"Every build touches you in its own special way," says Xzibit. "Your heart goes out to the families."

Hear more from Xzibit on Eyewitness News at 5.

 UPDATED: 12:50

The spotlight shifted momentarily at the Big Hearts Build site, as a 7-year-old boy arrived to see his wish come true.

Alex Schneider is from Toronto and he is battling Salla Disease, which is a build-up of sailic acid in lysosomes.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is one of Alex's favorite shows and his wish was to participate in one of the show's projects.

The Make A Wish Foundation is making that dream come true. Alex was greeted by many fans and his family was excited for him to receive his wish.

It seems kids are playing a part of their own. Several little ones were spotted making "smile cards" for Patrick to deliver to other sick children when he visits them again at the hospital.

Nick Austin will have much more on all this tonight on Eyewitness News at 5 & 6!


Vision homebuilder Craig Smith just stopped by for an update. He says the progress made by Day 5 would normally take six months. Smith also says that the build is almost back on schedule.

Furniture for the home, made by Jackson Furniture Industries, will be loaded Friday for delivery.

On another note, volunteers and spectators are coming from all over to help or witness this huge event.

World War II veteran Dr. Glenn Purdham paid a visit to the site. He worked for Ford Motor Company and became a dentist thanks to the G.I. Bill. He practiced in Flint, Michigan for over 40 years. Purdham has seen many things in his long life, but he says he's never seen anything quite like this!

Extreme Home Makeover star "Xzibit" was also on-site today. He greeted all the fans, before shooting scenes for the show.


The Big Hearts Bash Fundraising Event is coming up tonight at 7:00 pm! Included at the event is a silent auction to raise money for the Sharrock family. Four of the highest bidders will have the chance to tour the home after it is complete.

Food donations are also needed at the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.

Beth Johnson with KMT Creative says the build is coming along so well, invited volunteers might not be needed. But a decision has yet to be made.

As for the build itself, crews are expected to begin installing the floors tonight around 11:00.

John Prater, with Prater's Flooring, says he and a crew of 25 will lay floor made of cork.

The cork-flooring will provide cushion for Patrick, and hopefully prevent him from breaking any bones.

We've also been told that a classroom is being created for Patrick's parents to continue homeschooling the 9-year-old.

ROSSVILLE, CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- It's day 5 here at the Big Hearts site and things are not slowing down!

With the outside of the home nearly complete, crews have turned their attention to the inside.

The windows have been covered to limit visibility, but through the door you can see the that the sheet rock is up.

Volunteers have been seen with paint rollers and door frames are taped off.

Moving trucks are on-site.

Crews have began installing cabinets, which appear to be black.

Our partners at J103 Radio tell me over 200 hundred hours have been spent on making these cabinets and competing companies are coming together for this great cause!

There is still work to be done on the outside too.

The porch awning still needs shingles, the garage needs a door, and of course landscaping is needed as well.

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