CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB) - Ashton Stephens's husband and father in law run Stephens Construction. They were just three of more than 500 people gathered at the Chattanoogan Hotel Thursday night. "We volunteered as soon as we heard about it coming," she said. "It was yesterday!"

Called the Big Hearts Extreme Home Makeover Rally, it was an evening of entertainment, lots of information and an emotional video sample of the show and the families this home rebuild is built around.  "What got my attention was all the disabled people happy," said Delandus White.  "I was about to cry there. I literally, I mean, they was so excited about everything and it brought tears to my eyes like I was sitting in a movie."

He runs Lann's Power Wash Service and is excited and ready to help.  "I like to finish stuff up," he added.  "I used to like to tear stuff up, but I like to finish stuff now."

Keesha McClain was in the audience with her two sons and their cousin.  "It's such a beautiful thing they do for families," she said.  "People you don't know. You think sometimes that the spirit is lost of giving and caring about those who are your neighbors, but not actually next door to you and then something like this comes out and it's just such a beautiful thing, it makes you want to cry."

McClain cries along with her family every week when the cry "Move that bus!" rings out.   her sons were all smiles.  "They were very excited at helping out, but you have to be 18," she explained.  "So, I said everyday after school, we're going out there and we're screaming at the top of our lungs for at least an hour!"

And their support will be needed.  Along with that of thousands of others.

Can the Tennessee valley pull this project together?  "Oh, definitely," Stephens said.  "It's the Volunteer State, of course!"

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Build week begins Valentine's Day.