By Amy Morrow
Eyewitness News Anchor/ Reporter

CHATTOOGA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- A North Georgia teacher accused of trying to arrange sex with a teenager now faces more charges.

48-year-old David Daniel is a fourth grade teacher at Leroy Massey Elementary school in Chattooga County.

Now, Daniel, who has since resigned from his position at the school, faces even more charges. Officers say he stole more than 15 hundred dollars from the school's P.T.A field trip fund.

The school superintendent says Daniel's alleged crimes has left him greatly disappointed.

 "We've heard he's offered to pay back the cash…," says Chattooga County Sheriff John Everett.

Money that was set aside for field trips at Leroy Massey Elementary School but is no longer there according to investigators. They say Daniel was writing checks to cash from the account.

"They're role models, it's not a very good role model," says Chattooga County resident Margie Rose.

Daniel is no longer doing that in Chattooga County. School superintendent Dr. Dwight Pullen says Daniel resigned Wednesday and the School Board approved it Thursday.

Daniel resigned the day after we were the first to report he was arrested and charged with arranging to sex with a teenager. We asked Sheriff Everett if there was any reason to connect the cases.

"We have no evidence of that, we haven't interviewed him to see where the money went but anything's possible," says Sheriff Everett.

Dr. Pullen says Daniel is a 10 year veteran of the system, a school leader with a spotless personnel record. We asked if teachers should be held to a higher standard.

"Absolutely... To the highest... Because they're teaching your kids," says Chattooga County resident Monnette Crabtree.

Dr. Pullen agrees. When we asked about his disappointment he tells us he's extremely disappointed and went as far as to say borderline devastation. Still some point out, Daniel is only charged with the crimes at this point.

"He's not guilty until proven guilty, he's innocent yet, he still has to stand before his peers," says Crabtree.

Daniel is charged with four felony counts of theft by taking. The Superintendent says the students will still get their field trip to Gatlingburg.