CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - As 2010 draws to a close, we decided to compile a list of the most viewed stories on for the year.

Elections, Tonya Craft, and wild winter weather all made the list.  But the top story on was a story about a newlywed couple who says their honeymoon turned into a nightmare when a police officer blocked the door to the emergency room

Here's a look at the top stories for 2010:


  1. Newlywed couple: Officer blocked us from ER during bride's stroke
    June 18th
  2. Mother Accused of Tattooing Children Talks to Eyewitness News
    January 1st
  3. VIDEO: CPD release stoplight cam from Wright arrest
    June 24th
  4. UPDATED: Several major school systems close for Monday
    December 13th
  5. Tonya Craft: Teacher on Trial (Day 22)
    May 11th
  6. Tonya Craft: Teacher on Trial (Day 21)
    May 10th
  7. Tonya Craft: Teacher on Trial (Day 19)
    May 6th
  8. General Election Results
    November 2nd
  9. Tonya Craft: Teacher on Trial (Day 20)
    May 7th
  10. Paul Barys: Frigid Forecast
    January 4th