CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- A local church group is working to put an end to teen bullies.

Saturday, at the Glenwood Recreation Center Red Bank teacher Daniel Wright talked to kids about how to combat bullying in schools.

This is the group's second meeting on bullying.

Organizers realized the impact they were having when teens began talking openly about being bullied or bullying others.

Wright says its important to get kids talking about the issue so they know how to stand up for themselves and classmates.

"Perhaps if more, I would say churches, more community centers, would get behind the anti-bullying, to de-thrown bullying then enough could possibly be done to save young people's lives here in Chattanooga and across this nation," says Daniel Wright.

There are several high profile suicides by bullied students making national headlines.

Most recently, a special ed student was beaten and left in a ditch near St. Louis.

In response, educators across the nation are increasing curriculum that deals with everything from bullying to internet etiquette.

The problem has become so big it recently caught the attention of the nation's leaders. The president and secretary of state both taped messages of support for victims.

There are proposals in congress aimed at putting an end to bullying by first defining it and then creating a grievance process.