By Fatima Rahmatullah

ATHENS, McMINN COUNTY (WRCB) - A man faces charges for running an illegal tattooing operation and having drugs in McMinn County. 

During a court appearance Friday, 29-year-old Trenton McNabb admitted to tattooing people in his home without a license. 

"He would do it for Mp3s, iPods, phones and stuff like that," says Thomas Hill a former landlord of McNabb. 

Hill has gotten five tattoos from McNabb.  He says McNabb led him to believe he had a tattoo license and the room he was tattooing out of was up to par with health code inspections.  

But Athens Police say operating a tattoo parlor without a license isn't the only illegal business at McNabb's house. 

"He was arrested for being at a methamphetamine lab. He was actually the cook at this point. These people saw this incident and got concerned, contacted us and discovered he did not have a valid license," says Detective Sergeant Heith Willis. 

After McNabb's arrest detectives found out his license to tattoo had been suspended by the state and he was arrested last year for tattooing minors. 

"The first place we actually arrested him in 2009 he was tattooing minors. He was arrested and convicted of this. We had calls that he was doing this in exchange for money, drugs and sexual favors," says Willis. 

Hill says he wants to see McNabb fully prosecuted. 

"He was a lot of drama. He would mess up a tattoo and they would try to get to him," says Hill.