Story by Megan Boatwright
Eyewitness News Reporter

DADE COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)-- A Dade County Deputy was fired for domestic violence.

Steven Pryor was charged with simple battery Wednesday after his wife called police.

Now, she's changing her story.

Misty Pryor told Eyewitness News Sunday that her husband did grab her, but she never felt threatened.

She also wants her husband to get his job back.

"The question now is whether the victim feels like we acted in an appropriate way. There's no other way to act in a situation of family violence," says Dade County Sheriff Patrick Cannon.

Dade County Sheriff Patrick Cannon says charging one of his veteran deputies in a case of domestic violence this week surprised even him.

"She described that she was of course thrown down on the bed by her wrists and that she was in fear for her life," says Cannon.

The sheriff says Steven Pryor isn't someone he's ever had an issue with before. He's been a deputy with the Dade County Sheriff's Office for more than five years and even served with the National Guard.

"He admitted to everything she said," says Cannon.

After Pryor's wife, Misty, reported the incident this past Tuesday, she and her husband were interviewed. Sheriff Cannon says that's when Pryor came clean.

"He was asked, you know, what given you being the officer on scene what would you do? He said, 'I'd place the cuffs on somebody'. So, he knows exactly what he did was wrong," says Cannon.

That's why Cannon says he was surprised to hear that Misty Pryor feels her husband shouldn't have lost his job. But Cannon says Georgia law is clear and that in cases of family violence law enforcement shouldn't base their decision to file charges on consent of the victim.

"We feel like we acted in an appropriate manner, given the situation. It doesn't matter whether it's law enforcement or just a victim out here on the street, we're going to handle it the way the Georgia State Law says to handle it," says Cannon.

Steven and Misty Pryor have been married for 16 years but are going through a divorce.

Sheriff Cannon says they were arguing over money when the incident happened on September 19th.

Mrs. Pryor says she isn't afraid of her husband now and never has been.

She says police found out about the incident after a private conversation she had with a friend who is also a Dade County Deputy.

Still, Sheriff Cannon says Steven Pryor's termination stands.