Story by Megan Boatwright

Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief after police say they've found the men responsible for a string of armed robberies.

Chattanooga Police have two men in custody, one a known gang member.

Investigators believe the pair is to blame for a rash of home invasions.

"We're very happy they're off the street," says Bob Dodson.

Bob Dodson wasn't home the evening his paralyzed wife and a relative who sits with her were terrorized.

Two men forced their way into the home at gunpoint.

"I was gonna pushed him out and not let him come in, but he pushed his way on in and told me to get on the floor," says Ethel Davidson.

Ethel Davidson and Eloise Dodson weren't hurt in the break-in but they were threatened.

"He told me not to move or he'd kill me," says Davidson.

These ladies have been filled with fear since the break in, much like other alleged victims of 21-year-old Alan Eady and 19-year-old Cordarrius Bonds.

"But my family and I are now taking extra precautions as well as the rest of the neighborhood for this not to happen again," says John Keilaney.

John Keilaney's father was also robbed at gunpoint by the same suspects this week.

In fact, Chattanooga Police believe Eady and Bonds are responsible for more than eight burglaries and robberies in Chattanooga and Hamilton County.

But as Bob Dodson says, news of their arrests has brought a huge relief to his family.

"And now they feel like they can breathe, open the door and come and go. They will be cautious, it'll be a long time before they want to open the door without looking first," says Dodson.

Eady and Bonds face burglary, theft, possession of a weapon and aggravated kidnapping charges. Dodson credits Chattanooga Police for their capture.

"They were the kind of people that needed to be off the streets and certainly the kind of people that would hurt you," says Dodson.

Police are still looking for a third suspect.

He's identified as Joshua Daniels, also a known gang member.

Police say Daniels and Cordarrius Bonds were involved in the 2009 Holiday Hills gang shooting.