By Megan Boatwright, Channel 3 Eyewitness News Reporter

CHICKAMAUGA, GA (WRCB) --  We have new details about a prescription drug-ring in Chickamauga.  8 adults and one juvenile are now behind bars and investigators say the suspects were targeting teenagers.

"Several months ago we received a complaint that a local business in Chickamauga was possibly dealing drugs to teenagers and some people in the area," says Chickamauga Police Chief, Michael Haney.  "The business is called, 'Jamaica Me Tan'." 

That information ended up launching an investigation that had Chief Haney and his entire staff working overtime.

"During the investigation we were able to make several buys with informants," says Haney.  "We've ended up making nine arrests." 

Friday night police began rounding up the sellers.  Undercover cops purchased more than $1,500 worth of Hydrocodone and Xanax pills during the course of their investigation.

The arrests began on West 8th St. in Chickamauga with a couple, Charles and Tina Hill.  The same couple that owns the tanning business.

"I believe they were using their business as a way to sell drugs," says Haney.  "We would witness large amounts of teenagers hanging out there.  We found that unusual ourselves." 

The arrests continued throughout the weekend.  Including two more police transported to the Walker County Sheriff's office Sunday night. 

Police say Michael Eugene Hooper, Sean Andrew Glover, John Anthony Bradshaw and Zachary Ray Edwards were working with Charles and Tina Hill.  All arrestees face several counts of sell and distribution. 

Jack Dewayne May and James Frady were not connected to the above arrests.  May way picked up on a seperate arrest warrent.  He also faces several counts of sell and distribution.  James Frady is May's roommate.  He was arrested for possession. 

"It looked like they were targetting younger people," says Haney while describing the operation under Charles and Tina Hill. 

Haney says it is unusual to see this type of ring in their small town.  The best thing parents can do is keep track of their kids. 

"If you think something's going on with your children check into it," says Haney.   

Police say Zachary Edwards, John Anthony Bradshaw, Sean Glover and Michael Hooper were friends of Charles and Tina Hill.  They don't know how long the ring had been in operation. 

According to Haney most of the drugs were sold in packets of 8-10 pills.  The street value per pill is roughly between $3 and $7.