CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)--  Soldiers of the 252nd Company returned home after a one-year deployment in Iraq Sunday to quite a reception at the Army National Guard Building in Cleveland.

More than 160 soldiers returned to the same place they left a year ago. They started the last leg of their trip home from Smyrna Sunday morning and ended up arriving in Cleveland much sooner then anticipated.

Many friends and family arrived several hours early and kept each other updated as the unit got closer. The buses couldn't be missed when they finally arrived. The soldiers received a large police and motorcycle escort while people lined the roads.

One soldier named Red Meeks is getting married next week. His fiancee Kim Michaels says now that he's home he can finally help with wedding plans.

"I'm ready to see him, ready to see that's he's okay and know how he is; give him a big hug," says Michaels.

"When we come home and see how much people appreciate what we do, it builds us up and makes us appreciate what we do," says Meeks.

Meeks like all the other soldiers were bombarded by friends and family once they got off the bus. Like he said earlier, this is what these soldiers have dreamed about for the last year.

The 252nd spent the last year working with the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq and miraculously suffered no casualties during the deployment.