Story by Eyewitness News Reporter Amy Morrow

CHATTOOGA, GA. (WRCB)-- A Superior Court judge recently reprimanded for behavior in chambers, is getting more attention.

Chattooga County Judge Kristina Cook Connelly Graham let her State Bar membership status go "inactive".

We want to know how that can effect cases she handles.

At this point that remains to be seen.

We talked to Judge Graham's attorney.

He calls this an administrative oversight and, in fact, the membership director of the State Bar of Georgia agrees.

Late last week an article in the Fulton County Daily Report, a legal journal, featured Judge Christina Cook Connelly Graham of Chattooga County.

It came to the attention of the State Bar of Georgia that the sitting judge in the Lookout Judicial Circuit was classified as an inactive member of the bar.

Instead of 236 dollars, she had been paying half that since 2005, a move her attorney David Cunningham calls an administrative oversight.

He tells Eyewitness News any underpayment inadvertently made has been paid.

Brinda Lovvorn, Membership Director for the State Bar of Georgia, agrees it was an oversight, but says "in her opinion it could impact prior verdicts".

Judge Graham paid $801 to cover the past fees, but Lovvorn says that won't change her status of "inactive" for the years 2005-2009.

The membership director says this has never happened before.

She has since checked the database and called inactive judges to make sure there was no mistake.

Those she called were all retired and no longer hearing cases.

Federal judges in the state are not required to pay active dues.