By David Carroll

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) --  A former Brainerd High School ROTC Instructor is charged with statutory rape.

 Officers arrested Steven Hughley, 45, and charged him with three counts of Statutory Rape by an Authority Figure.  According to Hamilton County Sheriff's department spokeswoman Janice Atkinson, sheriff's detectives along with Investigators from the Chattanooga Police Department conducted a joint investigation into allegations of inappropriate sexual contact reported by the victim. 

 The alleged incidents happened at several different locations including the suspect's home.  The alleged sexual contact with the victim started in 2008 and continued through 2009, while Mr. Hughley was the ROTC instructor at Brainerd High School and where the victim was a student.  The sexual contact with the victim continued even after the suspect resigned his ROTC post.  

 Hughley was the subject of an Eyewitness News School Patrol investigation in May 2009, when it was learned that he had received extra pay for being Brainerd's soccer coach, even though the school did not field a team.  School officials said that Hughley was later required to pay the money back.

 Hughley was transported to the Hamilton County Jail to be booked on the three charges of Statutory Rape by an Authority Figure.