TENNESSEE VALLEY (WRCB) -- If your travel plans this winter include going to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, we have some last minute tips to help you on your way.

Eyewitness News spoke with Melissa Finch of Lookout Travel in Chattanooga on Chestnut Street about getting to the Winter Games.

She says first of all you have to have your passport. Most people don't realize that you do need a passport to go Vancouver.

Airlines tickets and tickets to the venue range in price and are limited.

There is one website out there that has a few tickets available. It's www.sportstraveler.net .

But if you want to plan the trip yourself, be prepared to spend about $1600 a person for flights out of the Chattanooga area.

And once you get to Vancouver, tickets to the game are rather pricey.

Finch says, "Tickets range anywhere from opening ceremony for $700 up to $1900 per person. And they are only selling them in pairs. You have to buy 2 tickets."

She says, "there are some downhill skiing events that are available. Skating events are mostly sold out. You can find some things. And of course you might be able to find some tickets as well once you get there."

There are some packages still available, but most of them are for the first few nights of the event. Those start are priced around $1900 a person.  If you decide against booking a package, the average hotel rate is running around $400 a night.

"They do need to jump on it really quick because it is selling out. Most things are sold out. Most of the hotels are already sold out. The hotels that you're gonna get are probably going to be further out from where the games are."

So should you really take the time to go see the winter games?

According to Finch, "At this point this late in the game it is expensive, but if you've got the money and you've go the time its probably well worth it to do that."