BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB) -- A Marietta, Georgia woman is charged with possessing approximately 100 pounds of marijuana that was in the trunk of her car when Bradley County detectives stopped her on I-75 last night.  

Drug Interdiction detectives observed the woman's car weaving and noted her speed at 40 miles-an-hour. A traffic stop was conducted near the 27 mile marker. When she rolled down a window to talk to the detective the odor of raw marijuana was detected.

A consent search was conducted and large bundles of marijuana in four garbage bags were found in the car's trunk.

28-year-old Kemoy K. Josephs was charged with possession of marijuana for resale, impeding the flow of traffic, and failure to maintain lane.  Bond is set at $20,000 and her next court appearance is February 23rd in General Sessions Court.  

Sheriff Tim Gobble said this arrest and another last year where detectives seized 50 pounds of marijuana shows the quantities of marijuana, cocaine, meth and other dangerous substances that are being transported daily on I-75.  

Gobble said through the Drug Enforcement Unit's efforts the marijuana will not reach the streets of an American city.  

When sold in small quantities the marijuana's estimated value is in excess of $100,000.