Decatur Police Chief Jackie Melton said he has no idea how someone stole a bag of uncashed checks that were made out by taxpayers.

Early last week an employee called and told him the checks were missing from County Trustee's office.

Melton said investigators took a close look at the safe and knew right away it was not an inside job. 

County Mayor Ken Jones said they have a problem.

He said he told County Commissioners two years ago the courthouse needed some type of security, right now all they do is lock the doors.

In addition to guarding the money he said employee safety is another concern.

Chief Melton said they did gather evidence from the scene and they hope to get the results back from the crime lab in Nashville in the next few days.

Melton said if someone cashes one of those checks, they will be able to trace the numbers and that may lead them to a suspect.

If you have any information you are urged to call Decatur Police at 423-334-5716 or the Meigs County Sheriff's Office at 423-332-5268.