PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI (WRCB) -- Friends of David Hames say what is believed to be his body has been pulled from the rubble of a Port-Au-Prince hotel.

Here is the message that was posted on Facebook.


Via Entry by Melanie Dobson on David Hames FB Page:

Remains believed to be that of our dear friend, David Adam Hames, have been recovered from the Hotel Montana and are in the custody of the U.S. government, waiting to be transferred to Dover (DE) for final forensic examination. We don't know how long this final examination will take nor how long it will take the militia...ry to transport the remains to Dover due to the snowstorm on the East Coast. We will post again when Renee receives the results of this examination. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.


PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI (WRCB) -- Rescue workers continue to search for a Ooltewah High graduate caught in the rubble from a Port-au-Prince hotel that collapsed during the Haiti earthquake.

David Hames, who graduated from Ooltewah in 1988, was working with a humanitarian group Compassion International as a contract worker. He had returned from a day of filming with a co-worker, Dan Wooley, to the lobby of Hotel Montana when it pancaked during the tremors.

Wooley was rescued after he was trapped for 60 hours. He gave directions to rescue workers on where to concentrate their search. Voices were still heard in the rubble.

Hames graduated in 1992 from Middle Tennessee State University. He and his wife Renee live in Colorado Springs, Colorado where Compassion International is based. They have two young boys. Hames owns a production company called Red Balloon.  

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