By Antwan Harper

Pikeville, TN (WRCB) -- William Helzel, 18, is now behind bars in Bledsoe County.

Police said students came forth with claims that the Bledsoe High School senior molested an elementary school student on a bus ride home.

Helzel was taken into custody December 11th and remains behind bars, but we wanted to know why the 18-year-old was on the same bus as elementary kids.

The transportation director, Brian Osbourne,  said it is the school policy and many times the kids talk with one another.

Police, still investigating the case, said Henzel has not been in trouble with the law before.

The bus Henzel and the student rode did not have a security camera on it. At this time, cameras are not required.

We also learned that only special needs buses have people that monitor behavior.

School officials say sometimes they can't know everything that happens unless someone speaks up.

Henzel is being held on $10,000 bond and he is due in court in January.

We are told that Henzel is still enrolled at the high school, pending the investigation.

We also learned the elementary school student was not hospitalized and is recovering at home.