CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Capping off a 40-year career in music, Canadian singing star Anne Murray has written her autobiography, "All of Me."  At 64, Murray says she can no longer sing at her best, so she has officially retired.  And what better time to tell the stories behind the songs that made her a worldwide phenomenon.

Beginning with 1970's "Snowbird," Murray reeled off dozens of hit singles and albums, and sold out concert arenas as recently as last year.  (She performed at Chattanooga's Memorial Auditorium during the peak of her fame in 1986). She writes of her determination to record "You Needed Me" despite her record company's doubts that it would be a big hit.  It turned out to be her signature song.  And she discusses the ones that got away, including "Something To Talk About," which Bonnie Raitt scored with, five years after Murray's producers told her it wasn't commercial enough.

She also addresses an occasionally rocky home life, with marital pressures brought on by her fame, and a serious eating disorder that temporarily sidelined her daughter, now a successful singer in her own right.

The book is sprinkled with references to the many stars who played a role in her success, including Glen Campbell, who introduced her to American TV audiences.  He later opened for her when her spotlight began outshining his. 

Murray writes her story in a conversational style, never taking herself too seriously.  She shows genuine gratitude to a record-buying public that gave her strong support over a 40-year career.  In one of the book's best passages, she explains the power of a song in a beautiful way.  And she, better than anyone, is certainly qualified to do so.