WASHINGTON (NBC) -- Michaele and Tareq Dalahi may have been unknown when they showed up at President Obama's first State Dinner.

But now all of Washington is asking who they are and the Secret Service is investigating whether they crashed the hottest party in town.

The self-styled socialites had their photos snapped with Vice President Biden, President Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel and even cozied up with a trio of Marines.

Their lawyer says they were cleared by the White House to be at the dinner honoring India's Prime Minister.

But the white house denies they were invited.


Washington Post Columnist Roxanne Roberts knew of the Salahis and wondered how they got through the tight security - and into this "A" list bash.

"They do not come from money family or name. They just want to be famous and apparently they got their wish," said Roberts.

Michaele Salahi is being taped for the upcoming Washington installment of Bravo TV's popular series, "The Real Housewives" - leading some to ask whether was some sort of publicity stunt.

Federal investigators are trying to determine whether any laws were broken or whether presidential security was compromised.

"I think this is a significant breach, because unfortunately it shows how easy it is to get into what is supposed to be the safest home and the safest-protected couple in the world," said former FBI agent Clint Van Zant.

And now a couple reportedly hungry for fame and drama may be facing a little more of both than they ever expected.