Dade County, GA (WRCB) -- After finding a bottle used to make Methamphetamine at the end of their driveway Lydia and Thomas James are on high alert.

Lydia said, "It is just shocking to find something like that so close to your house."

After watching a story we aired on Eyewitness News at 11, Lydia's husband pointed her to a bottle he'd seen outside their home earlier that day.

It looked similar to the "Shake and Bake" bottles used to make meth.

Investigators with Georgia's Drug Task Force say the bottle was unopened and had been there for days.

The GBI said more than 50 meth lab seizures have been recorded in Georgia this year, significantly lower than previous years.

Tennessee has had 1,159 and that number is expected to grow.

Lydia's concern was more for her family's safety than her own.

She has a four small children, and says she couldn't imagine what would have happened if kids got a hold to that bottle.