Dec. 8 -- A Catoosa County Elementary School teacher facing drug charges has been fired by the Catoosa County Board of Education.

The board fired Sharon Roszell in a unanimous vote Monday evening.

The board entered executive session twice during the called meeting before voting to terminate Roszell's contract.

Roszell, 27, had been on administrative leave since Nov. 19, after being charged by the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department.

Roszell will keep three weeks of pay she was to receive while on leave.

Agents say they found four pounds of marijuana in her home. They say she and her husband were selling prescription pain pills.


A Catoosa County teacher is part of a county-wide round up by the Lookout Mountain Drug Task Force.

27 year old Sharon Roszell and her husband, Howard Roszell, who's known as J.R.,  have been charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute  as well as the same charge involving prescription pain killers.  Agents reported seizing 4 pounds of pot from their home on Boynton Drive.

Catoosa County Parent, Audrey Hale says, "If she was in my school, I would have a really hard time, I'd want to fight against that."  She adds, " I don't think she should be teaching anymore."

Catoosa School System administrators refused to confirm Roszell's identity.  But did issue a short statement revealing a Catoosa County school teacher had been place on administrative leave pending charges filed by the Catoosa Sheriff's Department.  But we found a computer teacher by that name on the website of Tiger Creek Elementary School in Ringgold.  Roszell is on paid leave and a substitute teacher is handling her duties.