Friday marks one week since a 71 year old man was shot in the face while making his morning deliveries.

Investigators will only say they're following leads.   We do know they have surveillance video they believe shows the getaway car.

Eyewitnesses say the getaway car was dark in color.   Detectives are hoping that car will lead them to the suspects who rear-ended dean Cofer while he was driving his catering truck early Friday morning.  Detectives will not say the motive was robbery.   But we do know it was just under a year ago when Cofer was robbed at gunpoint at the same plant on Oak Street in Catoosa County.  

Wayne Walker knows Cofer because he works at Curbs Plus, Incorporated where Cofer caters food daily as well as cashes checks for the workers.  

Walker says, "It's somebody who ain't got a conscience and don't care who wants to take what don't belong to them.   No regrets, no remorse of anything they do."

We're told that Cofer is stable, but still in critical condition here at Erlanger Medical Center.

If you have any information that can help police, call Crimestoppers.   You could get a cash reward.   The number is 698-3333.