CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Hamilton County District 8 Commissioner Curtis Adams will not seek re-election.  Adams has served on the commission for 22 years.

Here is the statement released:

"My road forks here! After winning a record six elections and serve a record 22 years as a Hamilton County commissioner, the trip alone has been one of immense joy. I am so grateful for having the pleasure of having a front row seat to witness an extraordinary period in our history; to witness two decades when a fresh breed of leadership emerged to move our community forward. This was a period  when our Country and City started a dramatic comeback.

"Through the years, it has been my good fortune to be surrounded by both talented and genuinely good persons. While I am proud of my success's, the credit really goes to those around me. First, Dalton Roberts whom I served with six years and a great Commission that I started in 1988, Bill Bennett, Paul McDaniel, Paul Nolan, Rheubin Taylor, Harold Coker, Ben Miller, Howard Sompayrac and Ralph Barger.

"And the present Commission, Fred Skillern, Bill Hullander, Richard Casavant, Larry Henry, Jim Coppinger, Greg Beck, Warren Mackey and John Allen Brooks have been very effective and dedicated. One could not have chosen a better group with established reputation for doing the right thing to move our Country forward. I am proud to have the opportunity to work with each of them. They are a bright resourceful group and they all deserve to be returned for another term.  

"Claude Ramsey is not doubt one of the most effective leaders in the State of Tennessee. He was elected in 1994 and with a top management team and we've made great strides in Hamilton County. The most memorable and tremendous is receiving the Volkswagen group in our community. Claude wakes up each morning thinking what is best for our County.

"In my career I have been privileged to work with three governors - Ned McWherter, Don Sundquist, and Phil Bredesen. I’ve worked with four Chattanooga Mayors - Gene Roberts, Jon Kinsey, Bob Corker and Ron Littlefield. In my hometown of East Ridge, I have had the privilege to work with six mayors - Fred Pruitt, Don Huskey, Ralph Hooper, Jack Sharp, Bob Johnson and Mike Steele along with two dozen City Council persons. I’ve worked with three superintendents - Don Loftis, Jesse Register and Dr. Jim Scales. I am very proud of the over 250 million dollars, I’ve voted for new schools.

"I have been blessed to have enjoyed two wonderful careers. I was fortune to have the most memorable and legendary Roy McDonald in my life. Because of him I had a great newspaper career and how I wish something really eloquent would come forth in my mind and heart to be able to thank Roy McDonald for my News Free Press career. Starting as an 18-year-old to move on up to manage two of the top departments, Circulation and as the Advertising Director. I had the opportunity to work with the incomparable Julius Parker and Lee Anderson, Buddy Houts and many others deserving to be named that passed from the scene.

"Through all of this and 60 years with my very beautiful and intelligent wife Dorothy, without her none of my life would have been possible, all success on my part is because of her. A great wife, mother and grandmother; we had four children, two beautiful daughters, Jennifer and Debbie and two fine sons. We lost one of our sons Curtis Owen in 1997 to Leukemia; and our other son Michael in 2000 with Liver Cancer. Again, Dorothy was the strong one that held us together. We have been blessed with 10 beautiful grandchildren and equally as beautiful 10 great grandchildren.

"I have had a fulfilling and rewarding life and I plan to continue to be involved and expect to remain very active in my hometown of East Ridge.

"I look forward to the next chapter in my life."

Hamilton County School Board Chairman Kenny Smith is said to be considering a run for Adams' Commission seat, and told Eyewitness News he would make a statement on that subject soon.