CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) --  Chattanooga police say another suspect has been arrested in the home invasion at 2137 Elena Drive. Shilo Brown, the woman implicated in the robbery, was picked up for questioning yesterday but was later arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery and theft over $500.


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Chattanooga police say they caught two suspects in a home invasion before they able to get away.

Officers responded to the call to 2137 Elena Drive Monday evening. Police say they stopped 31-year-old Sylvester Kirkwood in his car as he tried to leave the victim’s house. Other officers stopped 31-year-old Maurice Flanigan just a short distance from the house. Investigators located evidence they say linked both of the suspects to the crime.

The victims of the home invasion, 76-year-old Charles Johnson and 51-year-old Dearmond Craig, told police that the two men forced their way into Johnson’s home when a woman stopped by to visit. Craig, who is Johnson’s neighbor, said he saw the woman and a man enter Johnson’s home. He became concerned when he heard shouting coming from the home.  When Craig went to investigate, he was pulled into the house by one of the suspects.

 What was taken from the victims was $600 in cash, a cell phone, and some bottles of liquor. All were recovered. Kirkwood and Flanigan were arrested and charged with robbery, theft over 500, and possession of crack for resale. Kirkwood received an additional charge of driving on a suspended license.