We have a major product recall to tell you about. 

One that the Consumer Product Safety Commission says poses an immediate threat to small children.

It involves more than five-million window shades and blinds sold at some of the nation's biggest retailers.
Collier Ursprung was 18 months old and supposed to be sleeping in his crib, when his parents suddenly heard a scream.

"We scurried across the room to find him standing in his crib with the cord from the shade near his bed wrapped around his neck and he was unable to get out of it - and was struggling and tugging to get out of it," said Collier's dad Dr. Robert Ursprung.

Robert, a pediatrician, managed to free his son from the noose, but it was immediately clear they'd had a very close call!

"then we noticed the ligature marks around his neck from the cord cutting into his skin," said collier's mother Susan.

Collier is one of 7 children nationwide to nearly strangle to death in the cord from blinds or shades. 3 other children have died.

"Well, this is a roll-up shade and the risk is this cord becomes detached and babies have strangled or nearly strangled in this cord." said Inez Tenenbaum of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

And roman shades, like the one that nearly killed Collier, with the cord running along the back.

Even a typical horizontal blind like this one can pose a hidden danger of a cord comes loose providing enough of a noose to strangle a baby, the fix is to attach a plastic clip up here to prevent the cord from moving.

Now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is announcing a nation-wide recall:

-5.5 million blinds sold under various names by Ikea, Pottery Barn Kids, Target, Expo Design Center and Vertical Land stores.

"Parents need to understand that these are hidden dangers, that a child can get entangled or strangled on these cords very quickly," said Tenenbaum.

Manufacturers are already designing child-proof blinds and shades.
But retailers say the recalled shades should be returned or repaired now.

We have a major product recall to tell you about.