Lauren Brown
Eyewitness News Reporter

BRADLEY CO., TN (WRCB) - We caught up with Sheriff Gobble and he's anxious to start his campaign.  And while he may be the only one running right now, both the Democratic and Republican parties believe it will be an interesting race.

"It's something that we need to get started on building a team, putting together a team and I think we'll be successful," said Sheriff Tim Gobble.

After more than two years as Bradley County Sheriff Gobble says he's ready for a bigger challenge and wants to take over Zach Wamp's congressional seat in Washington.

"I think Zach Wamp has done a good job at starting that and helping to build that and I think I can continue that," said Sheriff Gobble.

And make a difference in both Tennessee and our nation.  Gobble is the only candidate in the Tennessee 3rd Congressional District race right now.

"The election is still about 18 months away, the primary. And I'll be working and travelling the district and listening to people I want to hear their ideas and concerns," said Sheriff Gobble.

"Obviously anytime you can get someone running from the hometown sector that definitely can mean good things for us locally," said Bradley County Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Cantrell.

But as chair Cantrell says the party isn't ready to endorse Gobble or any other Republican candidate.

"I can't take sides because there'd be somebody, I speak for the Republican Party as a whole and if I'm endorsing someone here I can't endorse someone in Chattanooga or likewise some place else because it's unfair to them," said Cantrell.

We checked in with the Bradley County Democratic Party and they tell us the party will have a worthy opponent for the election.

"I'm sure the Democrats are looking forward to the challenge though I'm sure Tim will be an able opposition for the Democrats but I'm certain we'll have someone to run against him too," said Bradley County Democratic Party Chairman Eric Armstrong.

"I fully expect that there will be others in the race and even if there are many others in the race I think that's good it gives people a choice," said Sheriff Gobble.

We contacted the Hamilton County Republican Party about Sheriff Gobble's announcement to run and they didn't have a comment.  We also contacted Congressman Wamp's office, and he has no comment either.   The primary election is August 5, 2010 and the general election in November.