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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Cambria has won awards for her singing, poetry and artwork. Those who know her describe her as affectionate and helpful. She is nurturing and wants to be a teacher of young children.

"I think kids are special," said Cambria.

Teaching seems to be instinctive in her.

And Cambria has her life planned.

"College first. I should be married in the next ten years or so. Then kids, but start career first," said Cambria.

Cambria excels in a structured environment with clear rules and expectations ,and she will thrive in a loving and stable home.

"I want a new mother and dad that can show me love," said Cambria. 

"Someone to talk to when I'm feeling depressed. I could sit down and talk my problems out with them," said Cambria.

To learn more about Cambria or any adoptable child in Tennessee, call the Department of Children's Services at 634--77-15.

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