Hamilton County Sheriff's investigators name a suspect in the fatal shooting of 16 year old Isaac Robinson. Witnesses told them that Robinson was with 19 year old Michael Shadden early Friday morning when they broke into a home at 3933 Pattentown Road in Ooltewah.

Investigators say several witnesses were inside the house when the shooting took place.  They say the shooter was an occupant of the home, James Bryan Miller.  Shortly after midnight, three people forced their way into the house with their faces covered and armed with a long barreled type weapon.  Once entry was made, authorities say Miller pulled a gun and fired on the armed intruders, hitting two of them.  The intruders fled and later showed up at East Ridge Hospital, where one of the subjects identified as Isaac Robinson later died from multiple gunshot wounds in transit to Erlanger Medical Center.  Another was identified as 19 year old Michael Shadden who suffered gunshot wounds and is now recovering at Erlanger.

Shadden first reportedly claimed that he and Robinson were ambushed and shot while they were walking streets in the Brainerd area. But Chattanooga police could not find any evidence of a shooting and determined that Shadden's story did not hold up under scrutiny. They turned the investigation over to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities say Miller was positively identified by others in the house as the person who open fire, hitting two people and caused the death of Isaac Robinson and the wounding of Michael Shadden.  Investigators say Miller has made no attempt to notify police, summon medical aid, or report the incident to authorities. Warrants have been obtained for Criminal Homicide for James Bryan Miller. 

If anyone has information on the location of James Bryan Miller, they need to contact the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office at 622-0022 Attn. Detective Ed Merritt