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Scoliosis Treatment

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It's a pretty big machine for a little girl, but eight year old Emma Walterick who has scoliosis, climbs right in.

Her mom believes the Med X Torso Rotator is helping Emma's condition.

Scoliosis is a result of the spine curving as it comes down the side of the body.

Doctors aren't sure what causes it.

Surgery can strengthen a severe curve and many children like Emma who have the condition wear a brace for as long as 18 hours a day.

Stacy Walterick, Emma's mother says "I would love for her not to be in a brace, seeing her buckle herself in it everyday and sleeping in it and rolling blading in it, it's, it's hard as a mom but she's a trooper so. I get emotional but everyone's been great."

Rodger Schwab who runs main line fitness says the Med X works by strengthening the muscles around the spine.

Roger Schwab a Fitness Expert says "That strengthening of those muscles right next to the spine will nudge that spine straighter."

The work out lasts only four minutes, two minutes on each side of the body.

Stacy says Emma's latest doctor appointment proves there's progress.

She says Emma's spine has gone from 14 degrees of curvature to eight degrees since she started on the machine.

Stacy Walterick, Emma's mother says "When they put the x rays up on the box and we saw the difference it was just ... I almost screamed, I almost fainted, I was so excited."

Dr. Amer Samdani a Neurosurgeon says "A change of six degrees. It is very rare for me to see spontaneous improvement."

Emma's doctor admits there's been a change for the better in Emma's spine.

He says braces can help curvature from progressing, but will not reverse the condition.

However, he's not ready to give credit to the Med X.

He says scientific literature just doesn't back it up, but ...

Dr. Amer Samdani says "I'm definitely not saying it's quackery. I think a part of me hopes we can have a non surgical way of improving these curvatures. However it's way to early to come to that conclusion."

Roger Schwab a Fitness Expert says "We've seen it work in almost every case that we've had."

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