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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - "I'm just hoping that God will place me in the right home," said 13-year-old Meghan. 

Meghan says she's not that picky. She wants a mom and dad for sure.

"I don't care if I'm an only child, oldest or youngest or in between," said Meghan.

What Meghan does need is a loving, nurturing family that will help her with her special needs.

"I love to do art, and use my imagination," said Meghan.

And Meghan loves school.

"I love to learn," said Meghan. "You can learn something new everyday."

Those who know Meghan say she is great girl who gets along well with everyone.

And she has a remarkable attitude.

"In the past there has been some hard stuff," said Meghan. "I decided to be opposite from that."

She says complaining makes you think bad stuff.

"You should always think positive; negative not good, it'll just hold you back. You'll never go toward the future," said Meghan.

Meghan would like a family that shares her faith in God.

"I go to church. I know God loves you no matter what," said Meghan. "People come in different shapes and sizes. God loves you. He'll love you forever, no matter what." 

If Meghan tugged at your heartstrings and you'd like to know more about her or other adoptable children, call 634-7715.

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