Mesotherapy & Lipotherapy

A therapeutic procedure to help with pain management for individuals who cannot use steroids.

per area

A cosmetic procedure used to sculpt & contour the body by decreasing fat pads in specific areas.

per area

Non surgical Face Lift
A nonsurgical form of decreasing wrinkles, improving skin tone & texture, & decreasing sagging skin to give a more youthful appearance.


Facial Glow
Hydrate the face by infusing the skin with potent antioxidants and vitamins. Add moisturizing elements to the skin. This offers an immediate result.


Botox Injections

Consultation fee
This fee will be applied to your procedure.


Price per unit
Forehead up to 10 units $120.00
Worry line in between eye brows up to 12 units $144.00
Crows feet around eyes up to: 16 units $192.00                
Underarms for excessive sweating: $800                                   Hands and Feet for excessive sweating: $650
*****add $12.00 for each unit over the specified units above*****


Weight Loss Program

Cornerstone Wellness

Our Health and Wellness Coach utilizes state of the art bio-impedance body composition analysis coupled with a nutritional supplement program to help you lose weight and gain better health. This proven program factors in exercise, weight training, meal planning and keeps you on track for success.


16 week Program Medically Monitored
Weight Loss Program

16 week weight loss program includes all labs, EKG, All visits, weigh ins, medications if appropriate, and use of K1 and diet education


Initial Visit
Consultation, education on diet, exercise, labs, EKG, & weight loss medication.


Weight Loss Follow up visit
Review of test results, diet, exercise, & diary, weigh in, medication refills as appropriate, and encouragement to continue.


K1 Platinum exercise equipment
A Triangular Oscillating System that increases muscle strength, tones, & assists in weight loss by elevating HGH, testosterone, collagen, & serotonin and suppresses Cortisol which is produced by stress.

per min.

Skin Care

A therapeutic treatment that removes the superficial dead cells and increases the production along with new collagen and elastin. Leaves skin smooth & clean.


Facial Products by dmSkin
Hydrating, Clarifying, Lightening, or Anti-Aging Skin Care Products.


Galvanic Spa System
Rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp, and refine your body with professional spa treatments-without leaving home.


Nu Skin 180  Anti-aging Skin Therapy
Includes face wash, skin mist, cell renewal fhrid, UV block hydrator, Night Complex, line corrector, CoQ10 Complete.


Galvanic Spa System and Nu Skin 180