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Information on Lipotherapy

History of Lipotherapy

Lipotherapy started out as mesotherapy but was refined and revised by Patricia Rittes, M.D., a dermatologist in Brazil. Dr. Miller was trained by Dr. Rittes. Lipotherapy is an office procedure used to treat localized fat as a non- surgical option. This is not used for weight loss only for body sculpting. It is used to treat fat pads under the eyes, bra line fat in the front and back, upper and lower abdominal fat, thighs (inner and outer), upper arm (bat wings), love handles, face, & neck. This procedure is used to reduce the size of small localized fat pads and to increase smoothness and improve cellulite.

Frequency of Therapy and outcome expectations

You must have realistic outcome expectations and remember that this is not for weight loss only to body sculpting. The outcome can be measured in inches after the therapy is completed. You will be scheduled for a series of 4 injections 28 days apart for all areas except eye pads. Eye pads normally require 2 injections 14 days apart. This is the minimum to obtain desired results. It is very important to keep your scheduled appointments they are scheduled strategically so that you can achieve the optimal results. Depending on how your body reacts to the therapy you may require more treatments. This will be decided by you and Dr. Miller after your last appointment.

What to expect during the procedure

  •  Photos will be taken at every visit from front and left and right side views
  •  Measurements will be taken of the area to be treated when appropriate
  •  You may be asked to put on a gown depending on the area being treated
  •  The area to be treated will be cleaned
  •  Local anesthetic cream will be applied to the area, if applicable. We will wait 15 minutes
  •  You will be placed on the procedure table
  •  Multiple small injections will be placed to the intradermal layer of skin 1-2 cm apart
  •  You will then be taken to our "pamper room" to relax & your instructions will be reviewed
  •  You will be given an opportunity to ask any questions you may have

What to expect after the procedure

  •  Erythema (redness) - This is normal and will subside in 2-4 days
  •  Itching and burning - If this happens take benadryl or another antihistamine
  •  Bruising - This will go away in a week or so
  •  Swelling - This is a desirable side effect that causes skin retraction and will subside in 3-5 days
  •  Return to your normal downtime is required

What medications can you take after the procedure?

You may take your normal daily medications as directed by your physician

What medications are prohibited after the procedure?

NSAIDS- Do not take any anti-inflammatory medications this will stop the process that is required to get the desired results. 

How do I care for the area after the procedure?

  •  Keep it clean and dry the day of the procedure
  •  Take showers, no baths, until swelling and redness subside
  •  Take Tylenol for any discomfort
  •  Additional instructions: Return at your next scheduled appointment time and date.
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