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Getting Adjusted

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Sgt Billy Massengale Sgt Billy Massengale

We arrived in country safely on the 19th, which was kind of a big deal. It was their Independence Day, from Britain in 1918.

We have been here almost a week now and I'm just getting adjusted to the elevation, its roughly 6,000 feet here. Between that and the jet lag it was a little rough. The first three days I was having some vertigo type symptoms but now its gone and I can breathe, which is a good thing, so I'm told. :)

By Monday I'll be at my assigned Kandak (the Dari word for Battalion) and I'll meet and greet with my counterparts. I'm ready to get this thing started, we have been getting briefings one after the other, we call it "death by power point."

From what I've seen so far here there is a lot more coalition forces than in Iraq and everyone seems to work well together both logistically and operationally.

Today I witnessed a somber ceremony we had for some fallen comrades and although it was in the heat of the day most of the base that wasn't on duty in some fashion attended. There were Americans, French, German, Australian, Romanian, Turkish and Italian troops present to honor the 10 Frenchmen, 3 Marines and 1 Soldier who recently gave the ultimate sacrifice. It puts into perspective that its not just us who wants to put a complete stop to terrorism but the entire world wants it gone! It further empowers me to stay the course!

Thank you all for your prayers, Love and support and maybe someday I will be able to express what it means to me personally.

I love you all.

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