Don't we all just want to be accepted for who we are? It takes many of us a lifetime to figure that out, but the adoptable children I've met so far know what they want.

This child seeking a Forever Family has a keen ability to express what he wants.

"The main quality I'm looking for is to accept me for who I am."

15-year-old Zachary has all the interests of any teen, such as learning to drive, camping boating. But he also knows what's truly important in a Forever Family.

"It doesn't matter if they give me nice things. A family, a roof and food. That's all I really need."

Zach has a enthusiasm for life and learning. He is fascinated by science and how things are built.

" I could stand up here quite a while and just look around. Pretty cool how they do stuff like this."

People who know Zach say he is fun, friendly and has great personality. They say with the right guidance he is capable of becoming a strong and virtuous adult.

" Bees are cool. The way they can adapt."

Zachary has been several foster homes and when we approached the bees at the Creative Discovery Museum, he instantly related his life to theirs.

"It's hard at first but you re-adapt. Even though you're taken out of your real home, your original habitat, you can re-adapt."